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REACH projects serve the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of disadvantaged children of the world.

Each child receives proper medical care as well as three nutritious meals a day. The children learn about hygiene and how to take good care of the bodies God gave them.

Many REACH homes have their own schools. In other cases, the children attend either a Christian school, if one is available, or a public school. REACH pays for all fees, supplies, uniforms, etc. In many countries, students have access to tutors and other after-school programs, including sports. In addition to school, older children also learn a vocation in a work-study program which they can use to support themselves and their families.

REACH runs homes and schools in 23 different countries. We take in the abandoned, orphaned, or otherwise destitute children of the world. Our REACH houses are much more than a place to live; they become a child’s home, a Christian home with a safe, stable, nurturing environment where a child is free to grow into his or her God-given potential.

REACH believes a child’s physical needs must be met before he can grow spiritually. Most children who enter our program have never been loved or properly cared for. They come from the cold streets where they have been abandoned and/or abused. We aim to demonstrate the love of Jesus in every interaction with every child, inspiring these little ones to live a new life for Christ. The children take an active part in the local churches, and they also volunteer their time and meager means to help those even less fortunate than themselves.

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