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REACH projects consist of  schools, homes, hostels, day-care facilities and feeding centers.

We believe that education is salvation for the poor, therefore every child that comes into our program is expected to go to school.  If they are mentally incapable of attending a regular academically oriented school, then they attend a skill training program to prepare them to earn a living.  The ultimate goal is for them to feed themselves and learn self-sufficiency.

Our homes are places where a child who is orphaned, abandoned, or otherwise homeless is given love, care, food, lodging, education and nurturing in a Christian home atmosphere. A home has a surrogate father and mother, and the other children become brothers and sisters. Those at the home become a large family to provide the physical, emotional, and social support that the child needs.

These are separate dormitories for boys and girls  in connection with a school where children are provided with food and lodging during the school year.  Their homes may be too far away or they may be too poor to live at home, so a hostel is a substitute home for them when they need it.

Day-Care Facility
At our day-care facilities, the children are fed, loved, and cared for in a secure environment so that the single mother or father can go to work to earn a living.  The parents are required to come to classes twice a month, where they set goals for themselves and for their children and receive education and encouragement to better their condition.

Feeding Center
At our feeding centers, malnourished children come with a parent
to receive either prepared food or food rations to be used at
home.  Children are weighed, growth charts are maintained,
and parents are taught about good nutrition. The adults are
taught how to grow and prepare their own vegetables.

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